Fangirl Rainbow Rowell Book Trailer Assignment

  • What did you think of the fanfic sections? Did they help or hinder the plot? Distract or complement?
  • Who would you rather room with? Reagan? Cath? Wren? Courtney? Levi? Nick?
  • What did you make of her dad? How would you have dealt with it?
  • Was what Nick did wrong? Where is the line between individual work and group work?
  • Is fan fiction plagiarism? Should Cath have handed it in for her writing assignment?
  • Have you done any writing? Are you like Cath where creating new worlds is difficult? Or is creating worlds easy
  • Do you relate more to Wren or Cath? Why?
  • Professor Piper asks the class why do you write fiction. I couldn't help but think many of their answers are exactly why I read fiction. Why do you read?
  • What is your equivalent of an Emergency Kanye Dance Party?

"Walking to class, Cath couldn't shake the feeling that she was pretending to be a college student in a coming-of-age movie." (15)

"In new situations, all the trickiest rules are the ones nobody bothers to explain to you. (And the ones you can't google.)" (15)

Беккер смущенно подвинулся. Клушар вдруг разбушевался. - Я знал, что он меня не слушает. Вот так и рождаются слухи.

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