Rockwood School District Research Paper

Rockwood School District is an education destination.

Nearly 21,000 students attend classes in one of Rockwood’s 33 school buildings. Our students are preparing for futures and careers that may not even exist yet in this ever-changing world of technology.

Rockwood students are renowned for their achievements. The school district’s supporting programs collectively make up one of the highest performing school districts in the country. Rockwood students are performing at high levels in the content areas of Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies on state assessments.

Rockwood students learn how to find answers. But they also are taught how to ask questions. Collaboration and soft skills accompany the exercise in innovation students experience in the community that is Rockwood.

Rockwood has consistently earned the accreditation of Distinction in Performance by the Missouri Department of Education. This is the highest rating a school district can achieve on its Annual Performance Report. Our premier school district is noted for its high student achievement, outstanding teachers and staff, and great community support.

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