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by Guest » Mon May 16, 2016 11:39 pm

I like math for many reasons such as no open-ended answers like in English. And it's a skill that is very useful for many high-end jobs like business, any science related jobs, and whatnot. I also manage to find it easier to do than many other subjects, but when I get a particularly tough question and I find the solution it is one of the most satisfying feelings you'll ever get! It is also the purest form of science as all the others stem from it, including physics which I find very fascinating! Whenever I see some form of advanced math like integral calculus, for some reason to me it looks actually beautiful the way it all connects together. This is what comes to my mind when I think about why I love math but this is only the tip of the iceberg because I cannot simply find the words to truly express my love for the subject! This is why I plan on going to major in Applied Math after graduating high school!


Math is one of my favorite subjects and so is art, they both are equal to me. So I don't favor which one is my "top subject". I never have struggles with art, but just a teeny-tiny bit of the time, I make mistakes on difficult math problems that I don't understand. I find myself mostly good at math, but not like really good at it. I am not one of those math genius, but I am willing to learn from my mistakes so next time I'll get a one and two zeroes.
I consider myself good at math, because I have all 90's and above in middle school, but I don't remember about elementary school. Since the grading is different, but it is good as well. I am mostly confident with math than other subjects, besides art, since I am good at it.
My good experiment with math is that I exceed math topics I am good at. Such as equations, expressions, graphing, absolute value, and etc. My bad experiment is when I make small or silly mistakes. However, I end up fixing them up myself sometimes, when I recheck my work.
I hope to accomplish this year in math class a one and two zeroes (repeated again, I know). That is because, it is like a wanted item that I need to have. The thing is that I know it is going to be tough, because there can be a point in my life that I will make a mistake. Which can effect my grade, so I'll be more than ready to get a good grade.

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