Database Gcse Coursework

Removal of OPTEMS

In order to help increase security, and also allow more time for centres to process and submit their centre assessed marks, from Summer 2017 we will only be allowing centres to submit those marks online; via Edexcel Online or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

This will be in keeping with other Awarding Organisations, and will offer the following advantages:

  • you will be able to submit marks right up to the deadline
  • a reduction in the amount of paper being sent through the system, and stored in centres
  • it will eliminate the risk of OPTEMS being lost or damaged in the post
  • Edexcel Online will display the latest allocated moderator details, capturing any late changes

If your teaching staff usually complete their own OPTEMS forms, please see the guide below on how you can give senior teachers or Heads of Department the relevant access to Edexcel Online to complete their own electronic submissions.

The only exception to this change will be for Entry Level Certificate (Academic) which will continue to have marks submitted via OPTEMS, as these qualifications are not on Edexcel Online.

Test plan example

We can use a test plan to check the following section of code to see if there are any errors.

A simplified test plan might look like the following table:

FeatureTest casesExpected resultActual result
Addition of whole numbers1st: 0, 4, 44, 4444 and 2nd: 0, 4, 44, 44440, 8, 88, 888800, 44, 4444, 44444444
Addition of decimals1st: 1.0, 1.2, .01 and 2nd: 1.0, 1.2, .012.0, 2.4,, 1.21.2, .01.01
Handling of strings1st: one, two and 2nd: one, twoSyntax error because it can't add strings togetheroneone, twotwo

The 'Actual result' column is giving some unexpected results. The computer program executes without any syntax errors so there must be a semantic error.

To fix this semantic error, you would need to convert both values into an integer. One solution would be to perform an in-line integer conversion on each of the first two lines. For example:

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