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Humanities: Art and Visual Arts

The word humanities comes from the latin humanus, which means human, cultured and refined. To be human is to be have or show qualities like rationality, kindness and tenderness. It has different connotations in different historical eras. Today, however, we know of humanities as a loosely defined group of cultural subject areas. Unlike other subjects,… View Article

Siddhartha: Balance of Life

The story of Siddhartha written by Herman Hesse is most likely the story that almost everyone goes through in life, but to a different degree. Siddhartha, the main character, sets out early in life to achieve his great enlightenment. He tries all the types of beliefs that claim that they can help him accomplish his… View Article

Anthropology sociology

Culture as defined by anthropologist Tylor; “is that complex whole which includes the knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, customs, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. ” Greenblatt recognizes this definition as vague and more of a gesture towards other more specific cultures such as : “youth culture”… View Article

The Importance of Music

Music has infiltrated every aspect of our society and culture during the course of thousands of years. In ancient Greece, music where everywhere from the slums to the palaces, today is no different. Music exists everywhere in our society and culture today and does an excellent job of reflecting it. Looking through the history of… View Article

Articulate Thought

“Articulate speech marks [people] out as [individuals] and in some settings, this can be rather dangerous because people are often suspicious and frightened of articulateness. ” (Humanities). Articulateness describes a person’s ability to express an idea coherently. A well articulated idea, concept or opinion, does not use proof based on a fallacy to back up… View Article

Social sciences

In this article, Wikipedia states that Anthropology “has origins in the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences,” citing Eric Wolf to support this claim. In the cited article, however, Wolf (1994:1) discusses how “ideas about race, culture, and peoplehood or ethnicity have long served to orient anthropology’s inquires, and justify its existence. ”… View Article

Pardoners Tale/ Beowulf

The comprehension of literary history gives us insight into the past, recognition of historical events and corruption written into the works of those who were present. By including societal behaviors, political tensions, and common folklore, authors have indirectly provided the reader with a broader and deeper understanding of the literature, as well as the period… View Article

Why Study Philosophy

The ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates, once said that “the unexamined life is not worth living. ” Philosophy provides students with the tools they need to critically examine their own lives as well as the world in which they live. Philosophers are, by definition, “lovers of wisdom” (from the Greek “philo” = love and “sophia” =… View Article

The Gods must be crazy film book analysis

The movie of the Gods must be crazy shows a blunt distinction among the cultures of the Bushmen and modern societies within communications amongst members from two very different cultures. There are many obvious differences in the characters actions, values and divergent worldly perspectives. This movie shows variations between anthropological culture and ethnocentrism. In a… View Article

Bachelor of Arts Community development

The unit explores the power of ideas to change the world and ourselves, focusing on their birth, transmission, evolution, and personal and global impact. Through the study of selected themes, students are introduced to the knowledge and approaches central to the arts, social sciences and humanities, and are invited to reflect on competing moral and… View Article

Is Caribbean Civilization Based on the Truth?

Caribbean Civilisation is not based on the truth. Historians gave us ideas about the history of Caribbean Civilisation and culture which were the bias of historical history. These ideas came to us via books or through oral history in stories and songs. The Cambridge Online Dictionary refers to civilization as “human society with its well-developed… View Article

Hrm Final Project Topic Essay

The topic I choose is, could the continuing advancement of technology create unforeseen ethical concerns? What might they be? I think that philosophy should not ignore technology. I believe that it is technology that makes society hang together. It is very important from an economic force as well as a cultural force. During the past… View Article

Statement of purpose

The Statement of Purpose is your first personal contact with the Admissions committee. Use it to distinguish yourself. The SOP should speak about you, your aspirations and professional goals and relate these to the graduate program that you intend to pursue. It should basically answer the question… “Why should the graduate school admit you… what… View Article

My Narrative Report Not Yet Complete Tough Lol!

In support of its vision, First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities is committed to: • provide a strong liberal education based on seamless integration of science, technology and the humanities • emphasize values formation, civic consciousness, environmental protection and spiritual development • promote a culture of academic and research excellence • serve the community… View Article

Statement of Purpose

This is an interactive PDF form. Please complete the requested information. When done, you may click on the Print button to create a paper copy. The printed form is to be submitted to the graduate program to which you are applying. Print Statement of Purpose (page 1) Personal History Statement (page 2) Name (as given… View Article

Due Saturday, October 8th, 5 p.m., in your conference leader's Eliot Hall mailbox.
Suggested Length 1500-1800 words

Write an essay in response to one of the following prompts. Structure your essay around a strong, analytical claim, and provide specific, detailed evidence from the primary texts to support that claim. You will want to focus on specific characters, episodes, relations, themes, or claims in the texts, rather than provide general summaries. If the paper deadline conflicts with a religious holiday that you observe, feel free to discuss alternate arrangements with your conference leader.

  • Compare the understanding and evaluation of physical labor in The Teaching of Khety and Works and Days. What might the differences and/or similarities tell us about social hierarchy in the cultures that produced these texts?

  • In what ways do Egyptian texts embody, express, or seek to defuse social tensions? Focus your analysis on a comparison of two of the following: The Book of the Dead (esp. The Declaration to the Forty-Two Gods, pp. 126-129), the Temple of Amun-Re at Karnak, The Teaching of King Merikare.

  • Explore the notion of liminality in two of the following: The Temple of Amon-Re at Karnak, and eitherThe Tale of Sinuhe, The Dialogue of a Man and His Soul, or Lyric Seven of Love Lyrics of Ancient Egypt (This is my sisters mansion …). How do these texts mediate between interiors and exteriors, between the sacred and the profane, or between permission and transgression?

  • Compare the treatment or representation of female divinities in the Egyptian myth Horus and Seth and in Hesiods Theogony. What symbolic or actual roles to they seem to play in their respective mythologies? What larger claims about gender in Greek or Egyptian culture can one make from such comparisons?

  • What conclusions can one draw from a comparison of the archaic Greek Dipylon Amphora (Robert Knapps Aesthetics of Urn Burial lecture, images,2018 and,2086) and the Painted Wall in Nameless Tomb (David Garretts Monuments, Time, and Power lecture, image,94195)? What can these visual texts tell us about Greek and Egyptian social worlds or about attitudes toward community? In what significant ways do they differ?

  • Scholars have argued that Hesiod's account of the formation of the universe in Theogony sets the agenda for the Presocratic cosmologists. In respect of Hesiod, what aspects of the worlds formation need to be explained, and what explanations does Theogony offer? Contrast Hesiod's questions and explanations with those of one or two of the Presocratic philosophers.

  • Compare the views of death expressed in two of the following: The Book of the Dead, The Dialogue of a Man with His Soul, The Harper's Song for Inherkhawy. How does context (social, political, literary, etc) aid our understanding of the differences between these texts?

  • In consultation with your conference leader, write an essay on a topic of your own devising.

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