August Homework Calendar 1st Grade

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As teachers, we know how hard our students work each day. We also know that fine-motor, gross-motor, and social-emotional skills are just as important as academic skills…especially with our young learners. These critically important skills are often pushed to the side at school and at home.

I created these EDITABLE experience-based homework calendars to address the non-academic skills my students were missing, as well as, comply with our school’s “Homework Policy”. Additionally, these calendars respect that our students lead incredibly busy and scheduled lives outside of school and need opportunities to be kids!

Included in this resource
*10 months of Editable homework calendars (August thru May or September thru June). These “calendars” are formatted as choice boards, giving families and students flexibility when…or if…they complete the 16 activities (averaging four activities each week).
*Editable at-home reading star chart
*Editable letter to families explaining these experience-base homework calendars
*Editable monthly choice board (not month or theme specific)
*A completion certificate
*Story and list paper (to attach to monthly calendars)

(Note – all editable resources are in a separate PowerPoint file. To match, download KG Primary Penmanship and KG Second Chances Solid fonts for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.)

Although many of the activities can be completed independently, several activities each month require adult supervision or support. Therefore, these calendars may not work for every classroom or student population.

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to email me at

The Brown-Bag Teacher

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Dear Families,

We are beginning a social studies unit, “How Do We Learn About the Past?”.  This unit of study will help children learn the difference between the following generations: themselves, parents and grandparents.  It is based on the age of the first grade children rather than an adult perspective.

Long-long ago – grandparents

Long ago – parents

Present -1st grade students

Your child will study toys, appliances, clothing, and school experiences from each of these generations.  Below are the assignments that we will be asking students to complete.  Your support at home is an integral part of your child’s social studies learning and we thank you in advance for taking time out to assist him/her in the activities below.

FAMILY INTERVIEWS: Students will collect information about their family’s past through two interviews.  These interviews will help your child compare and contrast their life with those of previous generations.

Attached to this letter you will find the interview sheets so students can gather historical information about a parent and grandparent.  Your child practiced the questions for the interviews at school.  Therefore, he/she should be able to ask the questions.  Please clearly print the answers for your child under the questions.  Remember to keep the language simple so your child is able to read the answers.  Please also have your child draw a picture to show the answers to the questions.

If you wish, your child can complete the grandparent interview through a phone call or Skype/Facetime.  If your child’s grandparent is unable to be interviewed when completing the grandparent portion of the interview, you can answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.

In the event a parent or grandparent is unavailable to complete these interviews, please select another important family member who is of the identified generation.

PHOTOGRAPHS: We encourage children to bring in any photographs that would go along with the answers to the interview.  For example, you may have a picture of yourself at the age of six years old that depicts the clothing or toys of that generation.  You may also go to Google Image search to find pictures of those items.  We understand that you may not be able to find a photograph to coincide with each answer, yet if you do, please make a DUPLICATE copy of this picture and send it in with your child.  We are recommending making copies of the photographs first as they will be shared and glued onto a class display.

TIMELINE: Please help your child select five events and complete the assignment as noted in the information attached to this note.


*Monday, February 9*

We truly appreciate your assistance in the historical activities listed above.  Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher with questions or concerns.


The First Grade Teachers

Mrs. Stidham, Ms. Pierce, and Mrs. Lindsay


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