Csdcas Personal Statement

This is a new section of the CSDCAS application which is filled out by the CSD programs themselves. They have provided information regarding their programs, including links to their websites and some of their individual requirements. This section also allows you to upload certain materials directly to the CSD programs or answer CSD program-specific questions.

UNDERSTAND:You must select CSD programs to apply to in the “Add Program” section of the application before you will have access to that program in this section.

Information which is marked as “REQUIRED” in this section by the CSD program must be completed before you will be allowed to submit your application to that program. This information can NOT be edited after you submit your application.

Information which is marked as “OPTIONAL” in this section by the CSD program does not need to be completed in order for you to submit.

Click on the CSD program’s name to access their Program Materials section. There are several tabs within each program to be aware of:

Program Details

This is filled out by the CSD program at the start of the application cycle, and includes their deadline as well as other information about the program that they may choose to provide.


This tab will only be available if the CSD Program has opted to use it. If it is available, you will be allowed to upload certain documents, which will only be visible to that particular CSD program. The program has the ability to mark these items as required or optional.

Documents which may be requested include:

  • Personal Statement
  • A CV or Resume
  • Clinical/Professional (typically hospital transcripts which used to be considered professional coursework)
  • Military Papers (typically military transcripts such as AARTS, Joint Forces, Sailor Marine which are no longer sent to CSDCAS)
  • Supplemental Applications
  • Other

The CSD program should specify what they would like to be uploaded in the “instructions” section of this tab. If you have any questions regarding what the program is looking for, please contact the CSD program directly.

IMPORTANT:If your CSD program provides you with a PDF form which you must fill out and upload, you must create an image of the filled-out form or static document in order to upload it properly.

To do this, fill out the PDF document FIRST. Then either print out and scan the document as an image, or, use the snapshot tool on the PDF itself (edit snapshot or the camera button), and click anywhere on the page to select the entire form.  Open a blank Word document and paste in the copied information. You may then upload the Word document or save it in PDF format to upload it.


This tab will only be available if the CSD Program has opted to use it. If it is available, you will be given a list of the school’s prerequisite course requirements and asked to designate which courses you have taken or plan to take which you believe fulfill these requirements. You must have entered your coursework AND have completed the “transcript review” part of the coursework section for this feature to be available. Please see the “How to Enter Coursework“ section of our instructions for details on completing coursework and transcript review.

UNDERSTAND:Entering these courses does not mean you have met the school’s prerequisite requirements. Instead, the school is asking you to self-identify these courses for their review. If you have any questions regarding what the program will accept regarding these prerequisites, you MUST contact the CSD program directly.


This tab will only be available if the CSD Program has opted to use it. If it is available, the school will list additional questions in this section which they would like you to answer before applying to their program. These questions may be multiple choice or they may be open-ended text box questions which require a written response. It is also possible that a program may require you to compose a school-specific essay in this section.

A: Yes; for example if you have both a lecture and a lab which need to be matched to a biology prerequisite you will be able to do so as long as each course alone meets the minimum credit and grade requirements set by the program.

*Current Applicants – please note that we have been made aware that your application may appear “incomplete” in Hobson’s due to your Letters of Recommendation not being complete.  We are aware of this issue and Letters of Recommendation are not required for the Hobson’s application.  Your application will still be reviewed if all other required elements of the Hobson’s application have been submitted.

For questions on the status of your GRE scores appearing in your application, please contact the Graduate School directly at 860-486-3617.

Please read all of the information below carefully as it outlines our entire admission process.

Please also reference our FAQ page before contacting the department with admission questions as most of the information can be found on our website.

We have a dual application system.  Applicants must apply to UConn through boththe CSDCAS system and the UConn Graduate School Hobson’s system.  Details are noted below.  You must apply to both systems in order to be considered for admission.

The number of new admissions into the M.A. degree program is limited and is based on a full review of all application materials. Admissions are made only for the Fall semester of each year.

Applications must be submitted and listed as “COMPLETE” to both the CSDCAS system and the UConn Hobson’s system by the deadline, as noted below. Applicants should refer to the section on M.A. pre-professional courses to understand the academic track for which they would be considered.

At this time, the SLHS department does not require the following items for either application system.  You may choose to upload them but it is not required:

  • A writing sample
  • Praxis I Waiver
  • Resume
  • Personal statement


The minimum GPA for consideration of your application by the Graduate School is 3.0. The Graduate School will accept either your cumulative GPA or your last 2-year GPA, whichever is higher. While all applications will be reviewed, the average GPA of students admitted to the SLHS M.A. program is 3.7 for undergraduate study. In addition, the average GRE scores for admitted students are a cumulative verbal and quantitative score of 300 or higher. The written score on the GRE is generally 3.5 or higher.

GRE scores for M.A. SLP applicants are only to be sent via UConn Hobson’s system (do not submit GRE scores through CSDCAS).

Application Submission and Review

Applications and all materials must be received by January 1 for admission to the following Fall semester.  Students accepted into the program will be notified by mid-March.

Applying to the M.A. degree requires two electronic applications:

  1.  The Communication Sciences and Disorders Centralized Application Services (CSDCAS)
  2. UConn Graduate School’s online application system, Hobson’s.

You must apply through both systems in order to be considered for admission. Applying through one system does not automatically apply you to the other system. Submission to both systems must be completed by the deadline for consideration of admission for the following Fall semester. We will not accept applications that are completed after the deadline date of January 1, or review applications from applicants who apply to only one system.

In order for an application to be reviewed, the application must be listed as “COMPLETE” in CSDCAS.  This means that all materials (e.g. transcripts, letters of recommendation) must have been received by CSDCAS.  We will review applications that are waiting to be verified in CSDCAS as of January 1, but all materials must have been submitted before the deadline in order to be reviewed.  You will know that this has occurred when your application status is shown as “COMPLETE” in CSDCAS.

In order for an application to be reviewed, the application must also be complete in the UConn Hobson’s system.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm that applications are completed in both the CSDCAS and UConn Hobson’s systems.


1. Requirements for CSDCAS application (Opens on September 15): CSDCAS

CSDCAS requires the following for the application:

  • Application fee (Some fee waivers are available; information here)
  • Official transcripts from all collegiate institutions. CSDCAS provides a tool to easily generate a transcript request form that can be submitted to individual universities.  It is important that you submit all academic transcripts.
  • Three letters of recommendation/reference/evaluation – (submitted electronically only through CSDCAS). At minimum, we recommend that two of the three letters be from academic faculty.  For more information on the request process for letters of recommendation, please refer to the following link: (https://portal.csdcas.org/csdcasHelpPages/instructions-and-faq/transcripts/letters-of-reference/)
  • Responses to two out of four essay questions (in lieu of a personal statement)

Please access the following information regarding the CSDCAS application system.  It is important that you follow all of the CSDCAS instructions carefully –  https://portal.csdcas.org/csdcasHelpPages/instructions-and-faq/index.html

Please note that while the deadline for our program in January 1, CSDCAS support is not available on December 31 and January 1. Therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to ensure that their CSDCAS applications are listed as “Complete” prior to December 31.


2. Requirements for the UConn Hobson’s application:  UConn Graduate School Application

The UConn Graduate School requires the following for the application:

  • Application fee
  • Unofficial transcripts from all institutions uploaded to the Hobson’s application.
  • GRE scores (Institutional Code – 3915)
  • TOEFL scores (if applicable)
  • Resident affidavit
  • Note for International Students – International students must send Officialtranscripts directly to the Graduate School mailing address which can be found here). Do not send official transcripts directly to the SLHS department.

Not Required in Hobson’s application at this time:

  • Letters of Recommendation are not required in the UConn Hobson’s application
  • A personal statement is not required in the UConn Hobson’s application.
    • Note: Some applicants have reported an error in submitting their application without the personal statement being uploaded.  If you experience this error, please upload a word document that says “not required” to override the system.

Please access the following information regarding admission requirements via the UConn Graduate School – http://grad.uconn.edu/prospective-students/admissions-requirements/.

In order for your application to be reviewed, your application must be submitted with all materials received by the deadline of January 1.


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