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There are a few posts going around tumblr that have hundreds of thousands of notes and talk about torrents that you can go to for textbooks.

My advice?


Those are illegal.

I hate to be the stick in the mud here, but yeah, those are illegal.

And seeing as how a lot of you will be logged onto your college server and they can see any website that you go on, I wouldn’t recommend it. You might have your internet privileges revoked. Or face disciplinary actions. Is it worth it?

Besides, a ton of those websites are filled with viruses.

So, you may have saved a few hundred dollars on a textbook but now you need to buy a new computer and are facing consequences from the school.

I know that textbooks are outrageously expensive. And I hate it. But it’s not worth the trouble to try and illegally obtain them.

So, what would I recommend?

  • Talk to your professor. They might have a few extra textbooks for you to use.
  • Go to your college library. I worked in the library at my old college for a year and we had an entire shelf of textbooks that students could rent for two hours.
  • Put up a bulletin board where students can sell their old books and see if someone’s selling the book that you need.
  • Ask your professor if you can get the an older edition of a book. They’re usually a lot cheaper.

Here are five LEGAL websites that I would recommend:

  • - Not only do they rent books, they also sell used books. I’ve found some really great deals before.
  • - Again, they sell used books. I once got a $300 book for $35.
  • - I know a lot of students who use this.
  • - I also know a lot of students who use this.
  • - This website compares prices for books.

Also, BookFinder! My dad is a college professor, and he taught me to use BookFinder to find cheaper textbooks. Just type in the author and title or ISBN of the book, and it’ll give you lists of prices from all sorts of legal websites–new AND used books–shipping included in the price they show you right there!


Writing an essay Frequently Appears to Be a Stressful Endeavor among students. Whether the article is to get a scholarship, a class, or perhaps even a competition, many pupils often discover the job overwhelming. While a article is a sizable job, there are lots of measures a student can take which may help break down the job into manageable components. Following this procedure is the simplest way to draft a successful composition, whatever its function may be.

You Might Have your Issue assigned, or You Might Be given free Reign to write on the topic of your decision. If you’re given the subject, you ought to consider the form of paper which you need to create. Is it a general summary of the topic or a particular analysis? Narrow your attention if needed.

When You Have not been assigned a Subject, you’ve a Small But this opportunity also provides you the edge to pick a subject that’s interesting or relevant to you personally. First, define your objective. Is your article to inform or convince.

Once You’ve Ascertained the purpose, You’ll Need to do Some analysis on subjects which you find intriguing. Consider your life. Jot these topics down.

Finally, assess your alternatives. If your Objective is to Train, Select a subject which you’ve previously studied. If your objective is to convince, then select a topic that you’re enthusiastic about. No matter the assignment of this essay, be certain that you’re interested in your issue.

So as to write a successful essay, Then you Have to Arrange your thoughts. By taking what is already in your mind and placing it into paper, you’re able to find links and connections between ideas more clearly. This arrangement acts as a basis for the own paper.

To create a diagram, Then write your Issue in the Midst of the page. Draw three to five lines branching away from this subject and write your most important thoughts at the ends of those lines. Draw off more lines those key ideas and contain any notions you might have on these notions.

Should you prefer to create an outline, Then write your Issue in the From there, start to record your most important thoughts, leaving space below each one. Within this area, be certain that you set other smaller ideas that are relevant to each major idea. Doing so will enable you to find links and can allow you to compose a more organized composition.

Now that you have chosen a Subject and sorted your Thoughts into Relevant classes, you have to produce a thesis statement. Your thesis statement tells the reader that the purpose of the essay. Look over your diagram or outline. What are the key ideas.

The first part Says the subject, along with the second part says the purpose of this essay. For example, if you had been writing about Bill Clinton and his effect on the USA, an suitable thesis statement is, “Bill Clinton has affected the future of the state through both consecutive terms as United States President.

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