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Undefined references

Postby jbrajkovic » Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:09 pm

I have been using Jabref for reference management and everything worked fine. Recently I started adding new entries, which show up correctly in Jabref, but for some reason BibTex does not recognize them. I get the following message:
1. Package natbib Warning: Citation "XYZ" on page X undefined on input line Y
2. Package natbib Warning: There were undefined references.

Now this is really strange, because my old references work fine (they are all in the same file), but I cannot get my new references to work. Any suggestions?

The code is very simple:
\documentclass[12pt, oneside, a4paper]{article}



So for example, above citation for "Green2002" does not work while for "Overbeck" it works. BibTex entries are:

title = {Econometric Analysis},
publisher = {Prentice Hall},
year = {2002},
author = {William H. Greene},
owner = {jbrajkovic},
timestamp = {2010.06.27}

author = {Ludger Overbeck and Tobias Ryden},
title = {Estimation in the Cox-Ingersoll-Ross Model},
journal = {Econometric Theory},
year = {1997},
volume = {13 (3)},
pages = {430-461},
owner = {jbrajkovic},
timestamp = {2010.02.18}
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Postby meho_r » Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:40 pm

What frabjous asked is if you were following the proper procedure when compiling your document, i.e.:

1. Run LaTeX
2. Run BibTeX
3. Run LaTeX
4. Run LaTeX

So, after every change in your .bib file, you have to run BibTeX again, followed by running LaTeX two times afterward. Of course, if you're using pdflatex (or xelatex), the same applies for it: pdflatex > BibTeX > pdflatex > pdflatex.

Changing the name of your .bib file shouldn't have any effect on the issue.
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Postby beast » Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:32 pm

I am having a very similar problem. I had all my references working ok on Friday. I went home at the weekend, collected a couple more, then put them into my document this morning but now they won't work. The old ones still work.

I compile everything in the correct order: Latex, bibtex, latex, latex
The bibliography is in the same folder as the .tex document

The only thing I noticed was that my bib file is now quite large (>1000 lines)

It says "warning, line 92, citation Ahn_2009 on page 3 undefined"
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Postby tiekenei » Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:26 pm

I'm having the same issue.

I'm using JabRef 2.6 and am also noticing that new additions to my .bib file aren't being recognized anymore. I tried renaming my references file, but that didn't help.

When I temporarily moved my .bbl-file to another folder to force LaTeX to make a new one, suddenly none of my citations was working. I then put my original file back and all of the old citations worked again, not the new ones.

This behaviour is new, I added other references last week and those worked fine.

I need to hand in my thesis next week and this is not helping to make me feel less stressed, any help is greatly appreciated!

edit: I'm also using natbib btw.
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Postby meho_r » Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:54 am

tiekenei, if you haven't read localghost's post (the one just before yours), please go back and do so.

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You seem to be mixing two things: to create a bibliography in LaTeX, you can either

  1. Create the bibliography yourself
  2. Let BibTeX or BibLaTeX create bibliography (see here)

You kind of do both... With , you tell LaTeX that you want to use BibLaTeX with Biber as a backend. But then, you create the bibliography yourself, with .

The solution is to decide for either of those:

1. Manually creating the bibliography: You've actually already created the bibliography. All you have to do is remove the line

and compile the file twice, e.g. with .

2. Let BibLaTeX do the work: This has the advantage that you don't need to care (much) about the formatting and the sorting of the bibliography.

a) Create a BibTeX file, called e.g. , which contains all your references. You can often download the BibTeX entry of an article directly from where you get the article (e.g. IEEEXplore, Google Scholar, etc.). In your case, this file looks as follows:

I copy&pasted these entries from Google Scholar, so no guarantee for their correctness. I recommend to always check these entries, and maybe add fields you need (see here for many details on possible entries, ...)

b) Add this BibTeX file just below the with

c) Replace the whole by .

d) Compile the document with , then create the bibliography by calling , finally compile another two times with .

Et voilà, with either of these two ways, it will work. Even though 2. looks like more work now, it is often worth it, as adding papers is as simple as copy&paste, and you don't need to care about formatting. You can select from various standard citation styles, and can easily switch between those without having to rewrite the whole bibliography.

A closing remark, as suggested in comments to this question, you seem to be using quite some old packages. A hint: remove everything you don't know. E.g. start with

and add packages, as you need them. E.g. now you add the BibLaTeX stuff. When you need to add images, include (or any package you specifically need). If you start doing math, include . That way you don't have thousands of packages and old stuff, you don't really need.

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