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The Reasons Hitler Came To Power

In 1933, Hitler the leader of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) became the Chancellor of Germany which was in crisis at the time. I will try to explore some of the reasons why he progressed in gaining this position.

After the Treaty of Versailles, Germanys' government was a coalition of two political parties. The government was part Social Demarcates and part Peoples Parties these governments both were in favor of the Treaty of Versailles and wanted Germany to pay back their reparations. The Weimar Republic was set up mainly to help Germany out of their economic crisis at that time. Germany lost a lot of its land and the German people very…show more content…

This was because they expected for Germany to recover quickly. The Young plan was also introduced in 1929 which gave a set amount to pay over limited period of time this also failed.

But Germany attitude toward this negative right wing parties in Germany saw this as another handover to the war guilt that Germany was to accept. German people felt betrayed by its government. The Nationalists and Hitler's Nazi party then joined together to form a national opposition. They then proposed a law which was against Germany paying any more reparations and insisted that the Minister to be disciplined for agreeing to the treaty. The proposal for a national referendum took place. But only small turnout which was not nears the 21 million that was required by the constitution.

This helped Hitler's Nazi party to be known to German people as a major contender in future. Hitler party had a very clear ideology. The Nazi ideology was based on Darwin's theory of natural selection. Hitler considered Aryans as a race that were born to domimnate. He believed that the strong should not be pulled back by the weak. Hitler made old fashion German lifestyle seem important in the times where Germany was powerful in Europe. Hitler's party the Nazi saw the Weimar government as a failure because of the Treaty of Versailles. He wanted to Germany to become as powerful as Britain and France and to do this

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Economic Depression and Hitler's Rise to Power Essay

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Economics Depression and Hitler's Rise to Power

The economic depression 1923 & 1929, contributed to Hitler's rise to power in many ways.

The first thing that led to the economic crisis was when the German economy collapsed, as a result of the depression and low employment. This was a result of the Treaty of Versailles that forced Germany to pay reparations to the allies. The German people protested that it was an intolerable strain on the economy, but the German government ignored it. The German government did their best to play for time and to negotiate concessions from the allies, but because the French were quite impatient and also had to pay war debts to the USA they wanted there…show more content…

Eventually a new right wing prime minister called Stressman came into power and called off passive resistance in the Rhur. People then started to work again and Stressman brought in a new currency. Things were looking a bit better than before.

In this situation Hitler's ideas were becoming relevant to the times, because the German people were unemployed and in a depression, they were venerable to Hitler and his strong power. The German nation was scared and apprehensive about the future of their country. The League of Nations then tried to help by making their whole society a safe place where wars were only things of the past. The League held a disarmament conference, but like most things the League did it was a failure, which people were not satisfied with. This was a good time for Hitler to make his move, because of the current state Germany was in. Hitler rose to power. The people needed someone to turn to for help, who was strong and could be heard and Hitler was there.

During the economic crisis Hitler used his oratory skills to help him gain power. Hitler's personality and leadership was better than any other of Germans previous chancellors, he was able to mesmerize people.

In many of Hitler's speeches he stated how he disliked the treaty of Versailles and wanted to abolish its terms. Hitler made such a big deal of this, so that the German people also

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