Omarama Mountain Lodge Case Study

Omarama Mountain Lodge is, for all intents and purposes, a five star hotel designed specifically for the uber-wealthy, famous, and influential. These three characteristics, in fact, more than likely make up the heart of Omarama Mountain Lodge (OML)’s target market segment. Additionally, there seems to be an emphasis on attractingcustomers who require extensive security details, and who are “constantly surrounded by security and seldom have the luxury of going anywhere incognito. Therefore, we can see that OML has made use of a single target market approach, with their single target marketbeing those with enough wealth to require security details, enough wealth that a price tag of NZ$700 a night is considered “not a significant variable”. This price, however, is actually somewhat of an issue for me. NZ$700 coverts to roughly only $445 American dollars, which, for the quality of service the guests will be expecting, is a rather small sum of money. This issue becomes even more troubling when you consider positioning asa factor. This resort is being marketed to the very wealthy as a luxury good, which means

Nolan Fenwick is a volunteer fire fighter for the Whistler Township Volunteer Fire Department (henceforth abbreviated as WTVFD for the sake of brevity), who has recently been made the sole marketing manager for the WTVFD’s recruitment effort. Theissue with this recruitment effort thus far is varied. Firstly, many people don’t even seem to know that WTVFD is run solely on volunteers, and assume that it’s simply a utility that “someone else” provides. Secondly, they rely primarily on word of mouth publicity and advertising to get their message across, a method that clearly isn’t working very well,given the first issue. Finally, an issue, admittedly, one that might be more difficult to resolve, though still important, is that about half of new recruits quit before their three-year anniversary on the job. While being a volunteer firefighter is, understandably, not foreveryone, there seems to be some issues with current procedure that are driving away many new recruits. The Whistler Township Fire Department currently has 44 men and four women, who are responsible for the entire city of Whistler Grove, which has a population of 100,000. Obviously, something needs to change.

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