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Here’s the chronology of what happened to our Cloud Sync service recently.

SUN, JAN 21, 2018
Our hosting provider decided to update hardware & software on our servers as measures to prevent security vulnerabilities.

We as client were not able to either decline these services or influence them in any way.
Usually such maintenance works are underway no more than 4-5 hours, so the announcement from the hosting provider did not raise any of our concerns.
After the maintenance was complete, part of servers were back to normal working order.
However, some of the servers were still down.

We’ve spent the entire weekend trying to get in touch with the provider to reveal the origin of the problem.
The connection with the failed server was completely lost.

MON, JAN 22, 2018
After 48 hours of silence the hosting company was finally able to clarify the situation occurred.
They’ve confirmed that there was a hardware problem (failed HDD) with one of our servers.
We were trying to get the data from the failed server and at the same time were in a search of alternatives to our current hosting provider.

TUE, JAN 23, 2018
Despite our multiple requests through all available communication channels, the hosting provider has not changed the failed HDD on the server yet.
We have already set up the new server with a new hosting provider.

WED, JAN 24, 2018
We restored Cloud Sync service back to normal operation.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding, patience and cooperation.

Planner view

Planner view is your main tool to add and manage your schedule. Planner hosts Semesters, Holidays and Instructors major sections.

1. Semesters section

Use Semesters section to add/edit your semesters (terms) > courses > classes and exams (finals) and all related details such as class types, dates & times, locations, periodicity etc.

Semesters Section
Current semester with associated courses
Course Schedule
Classes and exams will only show up in Today and in Calendar views when they are input within your semester time frames.

2. Holidays section

Holidays button in the main Planner view leads you to the section where all holidays/vacations/days off you input will be listed. You can mark either one day or a range of days as your days off.

Once you mark any day as a holiday/day off it will appear in Calendar view with the 'HOLIDAY' notice and no classes will be shown at this day.

Holidays Section
Holidays Details
The shift of schedule after holidays works for every x and every x working days now, but we are working to deliver a solution for A & B weeks as well.

3. Instructors section

Instructors button in the main Planner view leads you to the section where you can store all the information related to your instructors (names, titles, affiliations, e-mails, web pages, phone numbers and office hours). You can also see the courses given by this particular Instructor.

Once you've added your instructors, they will appear as a list in the main view of Instructors section. Now you can attach your instructors to the classes they give (Planner > Your Semester > Your Course > Your Class > Instructor).

Instructors Section
Instructor details
Edit Instructor view
If your instructors are already listed in your Contacts app, you can easily import their info by tapping Copy from Contacts button when you're editing your instructor's info.

Setting up repetitive classes

Once you've created a course, you can add your classes. You can easily add any type of class either using one of the pre-defined class types or create your custom ones. iStudiez Pro gives you the possibility to add both regular classes and single events.

Input here your class dates/time frames

With the smart Repeats option you can set up the schedule of almost all types of complexity including A&B days/weeks, rotating schedule etc.

Add/edit your class types and mark each class with one of more than 20 icons

Add/edit instructors here

Add the details of your class location here (building and room)

Default class duration time is 60 min and time range is 5 min, but you can customize these according to your needs (Today > Info page > Settings > Planner).

See below visual examples of every other day (A-B days) and every other week (A-B weeks) schedule:

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