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101 Station Lndg
Medford, MA02155
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We had this company come out to insulate our roof in Medford on 9/20 site ID# 50334480. The staff are friendly and seem knowledgable, however, they did a poor job at sealing the big access holes in my walls to install the insulation. I e-mailed them on 9/22 looking for resolution for this poor plaster work, no message. I called and left a voicemail on 9/24 and did not receive a call back. So far, not a great experience with this company. Update: After the third contact, I was able to get a hold of someone and they sent a really good plaster guy to repair my wall. This job was paid for by the company. Raising my review to 3 stars from 2 as they recognized they were wrong and fixed the issue. I hope moving forward that this company sends qualified plaster people on the job if they are going to cut big holes in my wall than the standard 3 inch holes for insulation to mitigate this issue.

They were hired through the Mass Save program to put insulation in a few areas of my house. The one day job turned in to three days. We were charged more than the signed contract price, with no explanation. Two parts of the job were not done (they admitted they could not reach an area), yet pricing was still higher. The installation crew was great. The customer service / Install issues department is horrendous. I continue to call, only to be told that Bob Langlais is 'extremely busy right now' and he would call me right back. Its been days, and I have gotten no where!! They overcharged me $112.34, and I can not get an answer or explanation from anyone there.

This has to be the worst company i've ever dealt with. I spent a lot of money on a mini split heat system from this company and 4 weeks after the install I am still waiting for them to come out and finish the job. Multiple phone calls and messages left and nobody responds. I had to put a complaint in with the BBB before I finally got a responce. After I was told they would be here today between 2-4, of coarse nobody showed up and no call. I sent an e-mail to the HVAC operations Manager Billy and his response was that the installer must have had a busy day but would be at my house by 7pm. Its 730 now and again no call no show. The Mass Save program is a great opportunity but leach companies like this who make their living off of it are bringing the program down. If they come knocking at your door.......run don't walk to another company.

It's a huge time suck to try to get anything done with them. Takes multiple phone calls and the customer service reps have no clue. They won't call you back or follow up after the initial assessment. Save yourself some time and choose a different Masssave company for your energy audit and subsequent projects.

Came out on time for an energy assessment. Provided lightbulbs, new shower head, thermostat and faucet screens. Gave a quote for suggested extras to make the house even more efficient which were completed in a timely manner for very reasonable cost. Great service every resident should be taking advantage of!

Worst company ever show up in October change bulbs came me quote for insulation. Agree to price said would start job in January took day out of work. They call and cancel that day because of snow said trucks couldn't go in snow. We got 3 inches of snow so they said will do Saturday in February between 830 and 9am. I called at 9.15 told me would be there in 5 mins. max. At 930 called again told me I just got off phone with me so I told me don't come I would hire someone else. At 10 am they showed up to do job sent them away. Monday the company called me told me it was a sub doing job and they wanted to make things right. Showed up the next Monday 15 late told me they would gat back to me in a day two to let me know when you start work week later still nothing. Called Mass Save got new contractor

The consultant who showed up to change the bulbs and advise what we needed was pleasant, polite, and courteous. He suggested we update our attic insulation and bring it to code. Which seemed like a good suggestion because most of the cost is paid for. However, when they showed up to do the actual work it was a different story. They damaged the molding in one of the access doors, suggested much more work was needed than estimated, did not do a neat job in the attic and after installing the weather strip on the door it no longer closes properly. In short they are not very careful.

Ok, okay, Homeworks Energy has redeemed themselves. A month after my initial Yelp review, I was contacted by the manager. He sent someone out immediately to finish the assessment and schedule the work. It certainly didn't hurt that he was easy on the eyes and extremely tolerant of my super affectionate, nosey cat. The work was completed this past Monday and I am very satisfied. On a side note; Homeworks Energy sent a gift basket for my cat, to apologize for the disconnect in scheduling. Thanks Chris! You're a super dude!

I had an energy audit in December and still have not received my energy audit report. They don't return emails or phone calls. Don't waste your time. Chose another company.

Would have loved to post an amazing review here AND: -called 10 minutes past committed appt. time to say he was running late. -recommitted to a new time and never showed, never called. He eventually did come by and provide an estimate (7 hours later) but after seeing poor grades on Angie's list for no-shows I couldn't put my faith in this guy to do the job. Bummer.

We had an old house (more than 100 years old) We hired Scott and his team did blow-in installation for our building two years ago. Instead of replacing any clapboards which was split or crack during the installation, they just nailed them back in, and the water got into the wall and rotted the wood. We have to spend thousands of dollars to repair the damage this summer. It is not worthy of the money

Mass Save is an initiative sponsored by Massachusetts’ natural gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers, including The Berkshire Gas Company, Blackstone Gas Company, Cape Light Compact, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid, and Unitil. The sponsors of Mass Save ® work closely with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to provide a wide range of services, incentives, trainings, and information promoting energy efficiency that help residents and businesses manage energy use and related costs.

As a Participating Home Performance Contractor in the Mass Save® Home Energy Services Program, we are eligible to conduct Home Energy Assessments, install no-cost energy saving items and complete program-eligible weatherization improvements. We’ll also provide you with information regarding other program offerings and access to Mass Save® incentives and rebates.

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