Astronomy Vs Astrology Essays

First difference is Astronomy is considered as a science, it’s a study of all celestial bodies, objects within the universe and space whereas Astrology is not a science. Astrology is made of a belief that everything that happens within the space has a direct correlation to human events, everything in space affects you as a human being, and who you are.

As a matter of fact, these stars are outnumbered in billions, out of billions of galaxies. However, they are especially interested in human life, not in plants, not in oceans, not in other creatures, but humans.

There are two ways to look at the stars, one as they are and one as we wish them to be.

So the problem is, Astrology has a couple of problems that science does not agree on. The first is the precession (the slow movement along the axis of a spinning body around another axis due to a torque such as gravitational influences acting to change the direction of the first axis. It is seen within the circle slowly traced out by the pole of a spinning gyroscope.

The Earth has a lot movements, i.e. it circles the Sun, and it also spins around its axis, but it also precesses. What it means is the north and south pole wobble.

Let us say you are looking at star from the north pole and after 26,000 years the position of the star has a complete new position. So all the star maps when Astrology was created are no longer relevant nowadays.

So the first problem is that they haven’t taken an account of precession, and they have not updated their maps. Let us say you were Pisces then, but now you no longer fall under Pisces and they still call you Pisces. This is one of the main problems in Astrology.

The second problem is the misconception of the zodiac signs. Before that, you must know about celestial sphere. Celestial spheres are all the stars, all the planets, and constellations around you that you see from the sky. We must also know what celestial equator is, it’s a projection of our equator in the sky. You can use the below an image as a point of reference. On the other hand, we have something called as the ecliptic which is an apparent path around the sun.

So now one must know what a zodiac means, it’s band of constellations, or you can say celestial bodies that follow the path. It follows a 30 degree path.

The ecliptic runs in the middle of the zodiac. Now what is the problem with zodiac? What it had been done was they divided 360 degrees by 12 so that each month had a sign. Whatever stars fall into that band, they assigned an astrological name. For example, the first 30 degrees they named Aries, then next as Taurus, followed by Gemini, so on and so forth.

The problem is they have actually missed the thirteenth constellation. The sky is divided by 12 because one year can be divided by 12, according to human comfort. However, there is another missing constellation called Ophiuchus.

One of the reasons where Astronomy does not agree with Astrology is, if you are born beneath the stars of Ophiuchus, you are assigned a wrong astrological order. These are the few differences between Astronomy and Astrology, and the world of Astrology has yet to emerge with a right answer.

For example, Pleiades, a group of young stars according to Astronomers are leaving their stellar nurseries of gas and dust. On the other hand, cab nebula, still a graveyard where gas and dust are being dispersed back into an interstellar medium inside which there is a dying pole star.

Both the Pleiades and Crab Nebula are in a constellation astrologers named Taurus, the bull, and they imagined it to influence our daily lives.

Astronomers say that the planet Saturn is an immense globe of Hydrogen, and Helium encircled by a ring of snowballs 50,000 kms wide, and the Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is a giant storm perhaps raging from millions of years. On the other hand, Astrologers see it as affecting human characters and fate. Jupiter represents a regal bearing and a gentle disposition and Saturn, they say as the grave digger, mistrust, suspicion, and evil.

To the Astronomers, the Mars is a real place just like the Earth with waiting exploration but the Astrologers see it as a great warrior, instigator of quarrel, violence, and distraction. Astronomy and Astrology were not always distinct, and they encompass the other but there came a time Astronomy came out from the boundaries of the Astrology. The two traditions began to diverge in the minds of Johannes Kepler, and he discovered that a physical force lay behind the motion of planets. He was the first Astrophysicist and the last scientific astrologer.

Intelligent Astrologies were swept away nearly 350 years ago yet it is taken seriously by a lot of people.

A hope resides when the people would come out of the notion that stars and planets have a nothing to with humans’ lives and events, if something has to happen, then it’ll happen anyway regardless to planetary positions. Hope is the air I breathe in.

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... Stephanie Sanchez Figueroa Instructor: Vincent Tobin Astronomy 100 November 29, 2014 My Astronomy Interview Astronomy is the branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole. The topics that I learned in my astronomy class include the sun and other stars, solar system, stellar evolution, galaxies, and the universe itself. Most of the topics were very interesting to me, because I learned a lot about the universe I live in. Although, I now have some knowledge about the universe, there are a lot of people who know a little to nothing about the universe. The three people I decided to interview to report their knowledge and reaction about the universe were my brother who’s 18, my mom, and my boyfriend. I decided to ask them what they knew about Saturn, which are the four terrestrial planets? How did our galaxy form? And what is a black hole? To begin, I interviewed my brother first. He has never been a fan of astronomy, so I didn’t expect him to know anything. When I asked him what he knew about Saturn he said “Oh that’s the planet with the rings” that’s pretty much all he knew about it. When I told him that the rings were not solid, but that they were made up of chunks of ice and rock, he was very surprised. He had no idea what the terrestrial planets were. When I asked him how did our galaxy form? He seemed a little confused and said, “I don’t...

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