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Ambition. The Webster’s Dictionary defines it as an eager or strong desire to achieve something such as fame or power. In other words, it is a goal that one wants to accomplish. It takes ambition to live a life with meaning. Ambitions can come in different sizes, and different levels of importance and different levels of difficulty. However, ambitions share a similar property: they require work to achieve. The question is: how much will one do before one he or she gives up.

Ambitions change throughout your life. When I was seven I dreant about becoming an astronaut. My environment and interests shaped my ambition. I was really into things like planets and outer space. Being young, I didn’t realize the magnitude of the work it took to become one, and the risks that follow the career. As time passed by, I acquired more knowledge on the career of the astronaut. Fear of death in space by lack of oxygen and extreme physical requirements eventually destroyed my ambition, and caused me to search for a new goal.

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One reason why the dream to become an astronaut was so easily broken was because I didn’t have a strong enough desire to become one. Why would there be so little astronauts if it was so easy to become one? It isn’t. It is very difficult and some people are just not born to become one. It takes much perseverance to accomplish a goal. I believe that perseverance decays when the ambition drags on for too long when the desire to accomplish it is weak. A catalyst that speeds up this process of giving up is fear of something. It can be the fear of consequences or the fear of death. My uncle’s best friend discovered that he had a terminal disease. The doctors said it would take a lot of perseverance, confidence and time to have a chance of recovering. At first, he was very confident in himself and believed that he can do it. He went to every appointment and did everything the doctor buy online strattera told him to. As time went by, his will started to diminish. He would still go to the appointments, however, he didn’t listen to the doctor’s recommendations of what to avoid eating. After a while, he started to accept his fate and not combat his fear of death. Today, he is lying in an emergency room, and accepting death.

I haven’t experienced anything comparable to my uncle’s friend but as I stated earlier, ambitions come in different sizes. One that comes to my mind immediately is my ambition to become a famous beta tester of a computer game I play. To do so, I must increase my character’s ability and level and search for rare items. To achieve this, I must take things step by step and search for each item. The searching required is random. It all depends on how lucky I am. I find myself hard to keep my goals that lead to the achievement of my ambition because I’m unlucky. My ambition in life now is to go to school and eventually become an orthodontist. This career not only interests me, but I believe that this life ambition is attainable. To do so, I’m willing to spend much more of my life in university. I will do things that I never thought I would do in my life, such as examining the mouth of a real corpse. With this ambition, I can live my life naturally and meaningfully because everything I do now is ultimately going to lead to the accomplishment of my ambition.

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